Jul 23, 2013

Bestiary of Codex Urbanus

Codex Urbanus, the pseudonym of the French artist born in Paris in 1974, is closely associated with his art. There's no official website, just account on tumblr or artslant. The artist describes his art as: figurative and surrealistic. 

It appears as incredibly large urban encyclopedia of all kinds of species and creatures, which are the mix of prehistoric animals, video games inspirations and own artist's imagination. Of course, it's not a typical encyclopedia -  it exists only on the city walls and only for short period of time (usually). 

There's an interview with Codex Urbanus in French, where he explains that "Codex Urbanus is an urban work, which echoes the medieval or Aztec illustrated manuscripts." 

Another part of the interview: "How would you describe the style of Codex Urbanus?". "Free - would be the first adjective. I need to be very decisive whilst graphic defining the animal and at the same time very fast and stealthy. I can't afford to be as detailed with my drawings as, for instance, the painter/drawer in the Natural History Museum."

"What's the goal of you'r work?" (another quote from interview). "The first goal is undoubtedly, to offer a dream to the people and make the walls more beautiful. I like to see the interactions between the people and my animals, to see them taking photos. Second would be to create a permanent and coherent bestiary* in Paris, but it's an every day hard work, as the species disappear (under the municipal painting) from the walls very quickly." 

*a medieval book [usually illustrated] with allegorical and amusing descriptions of real and fabled animals

Jul 11, 2013

Konny's statements

First two photos were taken in February this year. It looked like somebody adopted a theme of Kate Moss face as a main theme of his/her work. Recently in Paris, we can discover a whole lot of those. Konny Steding, that's the name of German artist behind these street art works. This summer she went out into the streets around Centre Pompidou, which is her favorite place in Paris since very long.

We can't really find too much information neither on her website, nor on her Facebook page. Any personal story is given, besides of CV and some short movie, with the statement saying: "It took a few years to see that not talking was better than talking too much" - Marcel Duchamp. 

This explains the philosophy of Konny's art. She decided to show her work, very expressive portraits (usually) instead of creating the story around herself, that sometimes might be faster than the art. As a active painter and street artist, she's been present on the artist scene since '94 already and most of the time cooperates with the art gallery named: Moretti & Moretti (website).

"God save the art-institutions"

"God save the art-institutions" sounds pretty funny in this situation, as she has pasted-up a lot of her work on the walls around the city. Maybe this way she claims that there's no point to exhibit your work in the galleries only, but at the same time the "art institution" still remains as the only true "home" for it?

"God save the art-institutions"

All the portraits, besides of being expressive in itself, have the expressive titles, too. Such as, for example: "Fight back", "We all love you", "O.M.G", "No need to panic" etc.

"You are freaking me out"

"ONEK", it's just a signature of another artist that was done in purpose, or by mistake, because the art work belongs to Konny.