Oct 8, 2013

One uknown artist revealed - Stewearth!

In August'13 second post from the series "Unknown artists" has appeared on this blog. The Gallery of Unknown Artists (part II-stencil). Well, I'm very happy to have discovered recently (completely by chance) the name of one of the authors. Then, I'm posting again this "lucky" stencil here:

"Jizo" by Stewearth

As I wrote in a previous post: "This one wasn't easy to notice. Down the wall, somewhere between the gutter and old electrical box. Stencil was hidden like this samurai is hidden under his huge hat." 

The name of the artist is Stewearth and name of this stencil work: Jizo. Wikipedia says that Jizo is: "bodhisattva primarily revered in East Asian Buddhism, usually depicted as a Buddhist monk in the Orient". 

On his website we can see that Stewearth is very busy with different kinds of art: stencil, graffiti, poster/paste-up, exhibitions, street art, clothing etc. The main motifs are usually intertwined with Asian culture (Japan, China etc)  but also many of them with Japanese series of fighting games. 


Couldn't find the name of this work though. But maybe these warriors don't have any, as Stewearth draws quite a lot of different versions of them... Waiting for more!