Mar 30, 2013

Street art in "Aeroports de Paris LifeStyle" magazine, April 2013

Today's post a bit different from the previous. Instead of posting the photos about street art, I'm posting the photos of the magazine. Whilst waiting for my plane at the Paris Orly airport I found nice, short and bilingual articles in the "Aeroports de Paris LifeStyle" free magazine. They are about Keith Haring and Street Art in Paris in general. I'm publishing them also, because one can't buy it in the store (as it's free airport's newspaper) nor can't find it in the web. For those who in addition to appreciating the photos, like a reading as well. Enjoy and Happy Easter!
Keith Haring page 1

Keith Haring page 1 - zoom

Keith Haring page 2

Keith Haring page 3

In case somebody needs the photos in higher resolution, just ask me, I'll send it.

Street Art in Paris page 1

Street Art in Paris page 2

Mar 22, 2013

Plate's eyes, eyes on the plates etc...

About the stickers presented below, with eyes having Asiatic features, I thought it's kind of random. However soon after I found another one with the same sticker. 

As I was strolling more and more around the city, I noticed the "eyes" with non-Asiatic features as well, with different color, age, eye colors, etc... Street artist remains unknown for the moment.

Mar 15, 2013

Road sign's street art and other plate's stickers

Sticker art mainly brings quite an "artistic" chaos to the streets and plates, boards, traffic signs etc., and mostly they are not even legible... Picture below is an example of a fairly "soft version" in comparison to others that we may find in Paris.

However I appreciate a lot those that are simply, funny and somehow playing the "urban game". Below I'm presenting some of them made by artists Leo&Pipo. Mostly this artistic duo is busy working on poster art (topic for another post), but there's great amount of their characteristic stickers everywhere as well. Some people may be confused and take it for Madame Mustache's work, but it's not.





A series of little black man (bonhomme), who's carrying away the no-entry bar, was created by french artist Clet Abraham, who's now living and working in Italy. Sometimes a dead-end "T" signs becomes a crucifix etc...

Hard work...

Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham

 Parisian accent in Paris...

Clet Abraham


Clet Abraham

Pigeons everywhere!

Clet Abraham

Mar 12, 2013

Pope-Art, AlléluiArt etc...

Stencil and poster art made by street artist Don Mateo are taking control of the Parisian streets since long. Few days ago I found one presenting Pope Benedict XVI. The recent on-the-top world's topic presented by this street art piece is called a "Pope-Art". 

"Pope-Art" by Don Mateo

"Pope-Art" by Don Mateo
Don Mateo is very often playing with the meaning of his art, which means it's up to the audience to figure out the real art piece's name. For example this one is called "AlleluiArt". 

AlleluiArt by Don Mateo
His motto is: "Acting as an urban antidepressant!". And a quote from his fan page on FB: "A subtle combination between freedom of expression and creative enthusiasm." A lot of his works we can find also in the city of Lyon.

Mar 6, 2013

Sensual silhouettes

Street poster art made by artist Claire Streetart is just lovely. In the least expected places we can suddenly become the embarrassed witnesses of kissing couples. Straight and gay, in Paris, Montpellier or Brazil, in every possible poses on the wall. Definitely it brings a lot of liveliness on the street and one can pass, taking away a little smile on his lips with him. More photos not only on Claire's website, but also here.