Apr 29, 2013

Street Art's "Ladies"

Woman and interpretation of her body, studying her face, results in various types of street art works. Stencil art, poster art and other form of expression present in worse or better way the female characters. Sadness or strength are the most often emphasized characteristics of the woman's personality. After we can observe more flirting or vulgar sides. Finally, very rarely the ladies appear in a simple, nice or, let's say, elegant way. But for that is street art made: to satirize, emphasize, exclaim something rather than just portray.

The first three pictures are portraits. More or less advanced studies showing the face focused on something or looking straight into our's eyes. I would say, the works of rather three different artists and all of them are unknown for the moment.

Unknown artist

Unknown artist

Unknown artist

Next three pictures below belong to the Street Artist called Paddy. I couldn't find his website, if one exists... Those are NOT my favorite ones. While the second is kind of acceptable (Karma's a bitch), so the others (by me personally) not really. Especially when there's no proportion neither of the body nor the face and something that should appeal, looks vulgar or just horrid.

Paddy artist

Paddy artist

Paddy artist

Stencil art piece presented below became already very famous in Paris. Young brunette with an expressive gesture of the hand and strong looking-like face. There's already a large number of people trying to discover the artist's name. As far nobody unveiled. "Vendez moi du reve!" means "Sell me dream!". I suppose that this tagline belongs to some other artist.

Vendez moi du reve! - Sell me dream - unknown artist

This stencil art could be much more nicer, simple without this tagline, which says "butt head". Unless it was someone else, who has painted it later. Anyway, it doesn't change the fact that it's not funny. Or maybe I'm missing a sense of humor?

Tete de cul - butt head - unknown artist

Finally, an artist presenting the women in a very elegant way. And not the unknown women, but the most beautiful and famous actresses of the past century. FKDL, Franc Duval, has created a big series, called Midi-Minuit, in which we can admire among others: Vivien Leigh (photo below), Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot. On the photo below, on both sides of silhouette, there's a collage made of most famous movie stills, where those actresses were starring. Just love it!

FKDL - Midi-Minuit (Afternoon-Midnight)

FKDL - Midi-Minuit (Afternoon-Midnight)

And for the end - funny as always - Madame Mustache with her poster saying: "So, my baby, wouldn't you like to come and see what's under lady's skirt?". Madame M. makes me smile and jokes in a classy way. For that I like it a lot. Enjoy!

Madame Mustache

Apr 19, 2013

Rancinan's Press Power!

Few weeks ago a Street Art action has had a place. Gerard Rancinan, one of the highest ranked photographers in France (as we can read on his website) launched an Street Art initiation  By uploading on his Facebook's funpage one of his photograph, he encouraged the other artists to download it and paste/stick/post wherever on the streets. The photo is titled "Press Power" and metaphorically represents today "media's dictatorship".

As we can read on Rancinan's funpage: "This shocking image takes a part of "CHAOS", a new series that will make the world tour in 2013". Personally, I think, it would be hard to find a better photo illustrating today media's influence, violence and pervasiveness. Chapeau bas!

Apr 13, 2013

Street Art in Szczecin City - Poland. Guest post.

Today a bit different, because I'm posting the photos not from Paris. I was in Poland just one week, had a lot of things to do, but somehow I've managed to capture few street art works. Everything from one city and two streets - welcome Szczecin! 

Mr. Sponge

Blues Brothers

Nike shoes

"Piorun" - thunderbolt. Power 100%

A dog sent in space?

My favorite one

Apr 6, 2013

Fred le Chevalier & Madame Mustache

Fred le Chevalier and Madame Mustache. Two of my favorite Street Artists, two artists that work very often together; finally, two artists that are recently one of the most productive, creative and visible on the streets (at least in Paris). However it doesn't mean at all that their work is similar or so... I just guess they like to appear side by side on the walls (as they may be a good friends, too). That's why I decided to present their work at the same time also here. P.S. The very first post about them you can find here

Madame Mustache

Madame Mustache usually does her art works as large and rectangular posters, that contain almost always sometimes funny, sometimes (so!) true and sometimes more philosophical maxims or tags. The story how she started her street art work in general, I will tell another time.

Madame Mustache

On the poster above the phrase means: "The memories are like the old mustard. If it's not spicy anymore, it's outdated (literally it means, if it doesn't tweak/sping your tongue anymore, it's outdated).

The characters, such as presented below, which are cut out along the contour are much less present (I would even say - very rarely) in her work contrary to posters, as presented above. A small exception is a cat, which appears very often.

Madame Mustache

Fred le Chevalier is not a favorite of mine, only. Apparently, even the police who tries to catch all of the street artists (as they "pollute" the streets) whilst they're working (adhering to the walls), has such a sentimental weakness for him, that it ends up with letting him free.

Fred le Chevalier-The love is never dirty

He has a very rich set of characters, often fantastic (like kings, queens, demons etc.). It is what makes me perceive it as a dreams. Dreams of his own, maybe society's dreams, street's dreams or our own as well.  

The characters are always cut out along the contour and with tag lines in the bottom. On the picture above it's written: "L'amour n'est jamais sale", which means: "The love is never dirty". On the picture below: "Le nuit, c'est pour les rois" - "The night is for the kings".

Fred le Chevalier-The night is for the kings
Although I have a great desire to analyze and briefly describe each and every picture, I won't do it this time. I leave it for you...