Jan 27, 2015

The Gallery of Unknown Artists (part III-mosaics)

Finally, the third part of a series of posts concerning the Unknown Artists is out! This time I will present the mosaics whose authors are not known to me.

The second about stencils here: The Gallery of Unknown Artists part II - stencils.

Like always, my request doesn't change: if somebody knows the name of some of these artists, please let me know by leaving the comment below the post. It will be much appreciated!

Let's start then. The mosaic presented below is very Space Invador alike, but I'm not 100% sure of it... 

The one below formed by irregular polygonal pieces, presents a man in a gentle movement, either observing or trying to seize a butterfly. I saw once another mosaics by this artist and each and every one is about the same man, usually running after the animals. 

This one looks like a Rubik's cube. In 2D. 

Mosaic below resembles a bit Invader's concept about character's from computer games. Unfortunately, I don't know neither the name of the artist nor the game from which it could eventually come from. 

Kind of a mix of a traditional mosaic, pixel art and with a pinch of Invador...

Below, one of the best examples of  Pixel Art. Icon well known for the users of Windows...Someone can help with discovering the name of the artist?

For the end, maybe not the best example of the street art (or maybe on the contrary, it is indeed), as it is pretty hard for me to classify this artwork... Nevertheless, first - it is a very nice and dynamic sculpture (especially the window's curtain being blown out of the window) covered all in mosaic, second - made instead of a window, so everyone can admire it from the street (or rather not instead of a window, but where the window couldn't be placed anyway, someone decided to fill this place up with this beautiful idea). 

Romantic edition of street art, just as befits Paris...