Nov 27, 2013

Smot and his lace world

First time I saw the works of Smot in March this year. Since that time he/she has developed a lot and we can notice more and more works on the Parisians walls. As far I couldn't find nor his website, fun page nor the Flickr account and so on. Maybe in the future he will add more information on the web about himself/herself, at least I'm waiting for that.

The only work I came across that was not placed within the lace plate is the one presented below. Funny beetle with one big eye, strong human arms and a crown above the "head" may represents many things. The quickest and simplest association that came to my mind was a suggestion of supernatural power of the smallest creature and/or nature...which will rule one day??? Creepy cartoon...I'd better leave it to others to figure it out.

The rest of the Smot's art works are always place in the middle of the circle-shaped plate framed by the lace. It has become his strong trademark already (I'm wondering how he cuts it out each time). Anyway, as a subject different things are chosen: faces, parts of the human body and simple objects (though, mostly those very sharp and dangerous are taken into account). Next step is to create something completely new from given object by adding supernatural value to it. 

Below: truly beautiful mind or nature combined with the human body (like a beetle above) as a new supernatural value?

Also, it's possible, that Smot wants to show, that we perceive the things, which seem to us at first glance: ugly, brutal, sharp, boring, ordinary etc., much more differently, only when it is placed within a pretty frame or has a nice "package". Like on the picture below, we don't see the saw blade as fast as the lace around, which grabs all the attention at first glance.

Explosive grenade with the butterfly wings. New supernatural object only or a sarcastic perception of the reality?

Moreover, Smot produces the white&black lace plates as well. Nice work compiling the strong contrast between simplified graphic of the face and complicated-rich in form lace.