Jun 27, 2013

Birdy kids' parisian invasion

First time I noticed Birdy Kids in February this year. Funny bird packed in the square, made by three young artists, who founded Birdy Kids in 2010. They say about their street art, that is funny, colorful and for everybody. 

After 4 months I came back to the same place in Paris and what I've seen: they are still there, they occupy this place constantly. 

 This summer they decided to be omnipresent in Paris.

Moreover, there's been some evolution within the characters, because besides of Birdy Kids, we have now Snaky Kids also... Apparently...

Super Birdy?

Jun 13, 2013


It's hard to find in Paris one big wall, which could be entirely covered with street art murals and/or which one could cover with those, before having the problems with police... For that the "le M.U.R." was invented. MUR, translating from French, means WALL, but in fact it's a shortcut of: Association le Modulable, Urbain, Reactif. This way there are two nice concepts in one, because back to the meaning of shortcut (mur = wall), everything here is about one big wall, located between the streets Oberkampf and St Maur in Paris.

M.U.R. (founded in 2003 by artist Jean Faucheur and many others) is giving the street artists, urban artists ect., regular opportunity of pasting up/painting/performing their own works on this surface of 3m x 8m. It was intention to create a link between the district and art. Street art.

Le M.U.R. - Tania Mouraud

This time, the day I was taking the photos, there was presented the work of Parisian artist Tania Mouraud. More about her and her work we can read on website/wikipedia/twitter

Le M.U.R. - Tania Mouraud

Then I was strolling a bit more around, and I found this family of wolves and one man, who screams: "Aime ton voisin", which means "Like your neighbor" (you should like your neighbor). I guess somebody made fun of it soon after and added those funny bodies to each and every head, so it's not scary anymore. There's kind of artist's sign, but still I don't know the name.

Just across the street a two-walls-mural was made by different artists. The variation of different creatures and styles makes it hard to focus on any of it, but for sure there's a long story, both literally and figuratively, behind it. Anyway, in general, I find it nice to look at. 

Next mural was made by French artist Lucile Saurel. A combination of people, animal, movement, instruments etc. presents quite interesting picture. As she explains on her website: birds, people, flowers, they all form a landscape - elusive and always in motion.

And for the end, one of my favourite: Fred le Chevalier. This mural was made especially for this little semi-public garden in 18th district in Paris. As we can see, the main characters hold the flower pots, so it wasn't random (the garden is about the flowers). There are also the characters with suns. Maybe it represents the seasons (but they are only three...)? And the big demons are transformed this time into kind of trees, to close this "garden composition".

Only this little boy, standing aside seems to be mysterious. Maybe he is a Little Prince waiting for his rose to bloom?