Apr 6, 2013

Fred le Chevalier & Madame Mustache

Fred le Chevalier and Madame Mustache. Two of my favorite Street Artists, two artists that work very often together; finally, two artists that are recently one of the most productive, creative and visible on the streets (at least in Paris). However it doesn't mean at all that their work is similar or so... I just guess they like to appear side by side on the walls (as they may be a good friends, too). That's why I decided to present their work at the same time also here. P.S. The very first post about them you can find here

Madame Mustache

Madame Mustache usually does her art works as large and rectangular posters, that contain almost always sometimes funny, sometimes (so!) true and sometimes more philosophical maxims or tags. The story how she started her street art work in general, I will tell another time.

Madame Mustache

On the poster above the phrase means: "The memories are like the old mustard. If it's not spicy anymore, it's outdated (literally it means, if it doesn't tweak/sping your tongue anymore, it's outdated).

The characters, such as presented below, which are cut out along the contour are much less present (I would even say - very rarely) in her work contrary to posters, as presented above. A small exception is a cat, which appears very often.

Madame Mustache

Fred le Chevalier is not a favorite of mine, only. Apparently, even the police who tries to catch all of the street artists (as they "pollute" the streets) whilst they're working (adhering to the walls), has such a sentimental weakness for him, that it ends up with letting him free.

Fred le Chevalier-The love is never dirty

He has a very rich set of characters, often fantastic (like kings, queens, demons etc.). It is what makes me perceive it as a dreams. Dreams of his own, maybe society's dreams, street's dreams or our own as well.  

The characters are always cut out along the contour and with tag lines in the bottom. On the picture above it's written: "L'amour n'est jamais sale", which means: "The love is never dirty". On the picture below: "Le nuit, c'est pour les rois" - "The night is for the kings".

Fred le Chevalier-The night is for the kings
Although I have a great desire to analyze and briefly describe each and every picture, I won't do it this time. I leave it for you...

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