Aug 14, 2013

The Gallery of Unknown Artists (part II-stencil)

Second part of the gallery dedicated for the artists that didn't sign their own works. Like I mentioned in my previous post (The Gallery of Unknown Artists part I), this time I will present only stencil/graffiti works. If someone recognizes some of the artist, I would be thankful for giving a name in the comment below the post.

First two photos are about money. 1 Franc to get a toy from the machine; and one-dollar bill "says": "Winter is coming". (the photos were taken in March 2013).  

Enamored couple, or Les Amoureux (in French) is the stencil work showing gey couple kissing. But as we look closer - it's not a modern couple from 21st century. We can see (at least it's my impression) two princes taken out directly from Disney cartoons. What the artist wanted to say? Disney male characters are "too" gay??? 

 No comment needed. Simple WTF.

One of the most beautiful stencil I've ever seen as far. Jim Morrison  - Back in 10 minutes. What makes it even more powerful is the fact, that this stencil we can find near the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, so the place where Jim Morisson "sleeps" till today... 

A bit further, but still in the same district of the cemetery we can find this ballet dancer.

It doesn't happen very often, to find a work under our feet, on the pedestrian way. This way it won't last too long. But what makes it even more interesting, after googling what's written on it: "Kolsch Loreley", I found a piece of nice music instead of website of the artist. Really great idea (a collaboration between two artists or auto-promotion?) and nice to listen to! Kolsch Loreley

Another Disney character: Mickey Mouse.

This one wasn't easy to notice. Down the wall, somewhere between the gutter and old electrical box. Stencil was hidden like this samurai is hidden under his huge hat. 

Update 08-10-2013:

the artist of the stencil below was revealed! He's name is Stewearth and post about him to find here.

Color stencil doesn't happen too often. A rat with radio(???) neither...

Beautiful little flower near the river in Paris.

Blurred stencil of the man with the cigarette in his mouth. But the cigarette is in fire. Maybe this flame started something and that's the reason why he is painted in the way as if the flames were coming from inside him.

For the end: two simple, but still nice, stencils - parrot and the ship. Pretty sure it's from the same artist.