Mar 30, 2013

Street art in "Aeroports de Paris LifeStyle" magazine, April 2013

Today's post a bit different from the previous. Instead of posting the photos about street art, I'm posting the photos of the magazine. Whilst waiting for my plane at the Paris Orly airport I found nice, short and bilingual articles in the "Aeroports de Paris LifeStyle" free magazine. They are about Keith Haring and Street Art in Paris in general. I'm publishing them also, because one can't buy it in the store (as it's free airport's newspaper) nor can't find it in the web. For those who in addition to appreciating the photos, like a reading as well. Enjoy and Happy Easter!
Keith Haring page 1

Keith Haring page 1 - zoom

Keith Haring page 2

Keith Haring page 3

In case somebody needs the photos in higher resolution, just ask me, I'll send it.

Street Art in Paris page 1

Street Art in Paris page 2

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