Mar 12, 2013

Pope-Art, AlléluiArt etc...

Stencil and poster art made by street artist Don Mateo are taking control of the Parisian streets since long. Few days ago I found one presenting Pope Benedict XVI. The recent on-the-top world's topic presented by this street art piece is called a "Pope-Art". 

"Pope-Art" by Don Mateo

"Pope-Art" by Don Mateo
Don Mateo is very often playing with the meaning of his art, which means it's up to the audience to figure out the real art piece's name. For example this one is called "AlleluiArt". 

AlleluiArt by Don Mateo
His motto is: "Acting as an urban antidepressant!". And a quote from his fan page on FB: "A subtle combination between freedom of expression and creative enthusiasm." A lot of his works we can find also in the city of Lyon.

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