Mar 16, 2014

Road sign's street art, vol. II.

Exactly one year ago I have posted the photos about road signs, plate's stickers etc. Today I'm doing it again, as the amount of the new street art pieces on the traffic signs and plates is growing fast every day and the artists are getting more and more creative!

Below: author unknown

No thoroughfare road sign originally retouched by Clet Abraham, was, in my opinion, enhanced once again, but by another artist, who pasted the eyeball instead of the head. Moreover, this eyeball sticker is reflective, which gives different effects with and without a flesh (made by night ).

Clet Abraham again.

Here Clet Abraham, of course, and just below the work of Leo'n'Pipo - enhanced road sign about bicycles.

Liberte - freedom. In my post about London, you can see an English version of this traffic sign.

About the last two photos, I'm not sure, whether they belong to Clet Abraham, or not, but the last one made me a big smile whilst the morning rush to work


Leo'n'pipo below

I also found a bicycle (I'm not sure though, whether was it really bicycle or not...) frame, attached to the wall, with the RIP sprayed behind it. Apparently, for some people the feelings don't need to be addressed to the human/living beings only.

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