May 16, 2013

The Gallery of Unknown Artists (part I - paste-up,poster)

I spent quite a lot of time on fumbling in the web, viewing different blogs, webpages, searching using internet photo's engines, etc... However, the artists' names of the works presented below still remain unknown (at least for me and many other people, too). If somebody, whilst viewing this blog, will have any idea which work belongs to which artist, I will be glad to have your comments, hints or messages with those information! 

To keep some order, The Gallery of Unknown Artists (part I), will contain just poster/paste-up works. In the next parts I will present: stencil, stickers and mosaics works.

First picture presents the "couple" holding in their hands little baby (newborn, I guess, though somehow not happy at all about coming to this world). Pretty big piece of street art, near somebody's door (maybe artist's apartment?). 

Au fait, bienvenue Lucie! - By the way, welcome Lucie!

The smaller faces of the same artist are pasted up on the street lamps, that belong to the big stairs we can find in Montmartre, near SacreCoeur basilica.

 The street lamps - artist unknown

The street lamps - artist unknown

The little poster presenting the characters from Little Red Riding Hood made on me a strange impression. Girl without a face and the wolf somehow becoming a part of her...What is written over it:: "Loups & Vautour" - Wolves & Vultures. Second line is hard to understand, as it's not French anymore..."Brako un corp bo" (?). Google Translate says it's Galician language and translates it like "Brake a body good" (?!?). Of course some other person, not the artist, has written that. 

Little Red Riding Hood - artist unknown

The one below simple made me big smile. For a while, I wasn't considering it as a street art at all, until I found exactly the same poster pasted up in another place. No tagline, no signature, completely anonymous (and pasted high enough for the others to not write over it). "Wanna some fruits?"or "I've got ALL the fruits you might want"...

Some fruits, maybe? - artist unknown

A parrot in a cage (in fact behind the window's bars). I guess there was a signature in the right bottom of the poster, but somebody was trying to tear it up and it has disappeared. 

Parrot - artist unknown

One of my favorite paste-up. Little boy who mimics somebody. I had a few ideas about the artist, but in the end it turned out that they were all wrong. Any ideas?

Mimicking boy - artist unknown

The last presented piece of street art is very unique in it's beauty. Piece of newspaper cut out more less along the contours of the head, which looks like a head of an ancient sculpture. It's like color-graded stencil art painted on the newspaper and then glued to the wall. I wonder if picking up an appropriate newspaper was of any importance. For example the main title: "Ce genre de challenges" means: "Such challenges". What more passes through my head is, that maybe artist shows something ancient mixed with something modern? Or maybe that we lost the classical, ancient values which should shape the presence? Who knows if we don't even know the artist's name. Such pity!

Ancient face on the newspaper - artist unknown

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