Feb 21, 2013

It has started with Montmartre...

Stairs near Place du Calvaire

While walking around Montmartre and one of it's most beautiful stairs, I just found out, completely by chance, streetart pieces made by, among others: Madame Mustache, Fred le Chevalier or Joe Rage. This kind of streetart, that belongs to street poster art, is one of the least permanent from all of them. Unfortunately, because I need to admit, it's one of my favourite (next to  stencil graffiti).

Fred le Chevalier and Joe Rage's stencil graffiti logo
"Ou voyageais tu cette nuit? - Where are you going to travel this night?"
Madame Mustache
"J'ai toujours reve d'etre un thon - I've always dreamed to be a tuna"

Fred le Chevalier

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