Feb 24, 2013

Modern mosaic, micro art object

Once, climbing up the hill of the Lepic street (rue Lepic) I noticed a very nice mosaic on the wall. What was making this mosaic even more interesting, it was the fact that it had a little piece of computer (or other device) inbuilt in it. This little piece, replacing one of the mosaic's stone, is creating a nice effect of the interlacing the past with the present, tradition with modernity. This kind of mosaic art is called micro art object.

Jerome Gulon - portrait of Eugene Varlin
Jerome Gulon

The artist who stays behind this art piece is Jerome Gulon. He's a French artist, who's very unique and contemporary approach is about to aggregate mosaic, architecture, urbanism and nature. From myself I would add also: a history. On this portrait we see Eugene Varlin, (qouting Wikipedia), who was a French socialist, communard and member of the First International. He was one of the pioneers of French syndicalism. This series of Jerome Gulon mosaics is called A New Generation.

Update 18-03-2013

Another portrait found today represents madame Louise Michel. Via Wikipedia.org: "Louise Michel was a French anarchist, school teacher and medical worker. She often used the pseudonym Clemence and was also known as the red virgin of Montmartre or French grand dame of Anarchy".

Jerome Gulon - portrait of Louise Michel
Jerome Gulon - portrait of Louise Michel

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