May 6, 2013

"500 shades of Gregos"

Faces, faces, everywhere...Smiling, with a tongue out, giving a kiss or simply "existing" on the Parisians walls, all of them are the work of Gregos. On his website we can find information saying: French street artist, who in the late 80s and early 90s was using Graffiti as his way of expression. After years of experience with ART, Gregos has developed his own 3d concepts, involving different methods of molding and sculpting, to create those faces that replicate his very own one.

He says: "Each face is a sort of self-portrait of the day to express his humors, his past, present, and future, everything that makes Gregos...As of today, more than 500 (!!!) faces have beed installed, in Paris mostly, but also in other towns of France and of the world."

What left after one of the faces...

This kind of background for Gregos' face is a sort of exception. Maybe he didnt't want people to forget that he is an active painter as well? In addition, it creates a really nice composition. 

On of the most popular works of Gregos, which we can find in Montmartre. Two faces - super flowers. I find it very positive.

Gregos in Montmartre, Paris - an unique example of his work

Kiss, kiss! Kissing mood apparently.

Kiss from Gregos!

The last photo shows, how Gregos interacts with road signs. Here the hands are "holding" the panel with a caption saying: "No bans" or "Without bans". This kind of urban game using road signs initiated previously Clet Abraham ( But as of using the moldings plastered on it, Gregos is the first one, because Clet bases just on stickers. 

Sans interdits - Without bans